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Enliven Therapeutics Launches with Vision of Advancing Medicine and Restoring Lives

Boulder, CO, December 7, 2020 – Enliven Therapeutics, a precision oncology company based in Boulder, CO, is announcing its launch from stealth with a bold mission: To help patients with cancer to not only live longer, but live better. Enliven’s approach combines clinically validated biological targets and industry-leading chemistry to design best-in-class and first-in- class therapies to address unmet needs in cancer.

The Enliven Difference

Precision medicine has revolutionized the outlook for patients by targeting genomic drivers of cancer. This has introduced new approaches to treatment, but there is a continued need to improve the tolerability and efficacy of cancer therapies.

Enliven aims to address emerging unmet needs with precision oncology therapeutics to enhance overall patient well-being. The Enliven pipeline focuses on cancers currently being treated with suboptimal drugs, including both blood cancers and solid tumors.

“We recognize that for many patients on existing therapies, there are limitations that diminish gains in survival,” said Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Sam Kintz, MBA. “At Enliven, we rely on our strengths—deep knowledge of effective drug development, rooted in medicinal chemistry expertise—to efficiently address challenges like resistance and poor drug tolerability that impact patients’ longevity and quality of life.”

Enliven’s guiding principles:

  • Best-in-Class & First-in-Class
    Our science addresses the challenges of existing therapies—tolerability, combinability, emerging issues like resistance and disease progression, and more.
  • Unique Insights Applied to Validated Biology
    Our pursuit of novel approaches to drugging clinically validated biologic targets allows us to efficiently develop therapies that can be brought to market quickly.
  • Not All Chemistry Is Created Equal
    Our focus on the chemical space we deeply understand enables us to rapidly synthesize advanced libraries of diverse, drug-like compounds for the targets we pursue.

Enliven Announces $55M Raised Across Seed and Series A Financings

After starting up in 2019 with seed capital provided by OrbiMed and 5AM Ventures, Enliven closed an insider-led Series A financing earlier this year, adding Roche Venture Fund to the syndicate.

“It has been a pleasure to support Enliven Therapeutics since its founding,” said Rishi Gupta, Member of the Board of Directors and Partner at OrbiMed. “We’ve been impressed with the team and the strong progress on Enliven’s lead program and pipeline.”

“A best-in-class strategy requires a best-in-class team. We believe Enliven’s team and advisors are well positioned to deliver on its promising precision oncology pipeline,” said Mira Chaurushiya, PhD, Member of the Board of Directors and Partner at 5AM Ventures. “We’re thrilled to continue our investment in the company.”

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About Enliven Therapeutics

Enliven Therapeutics is a biotechnology company based in Boulder, Colorado. Founded in July 2019 by Sam Kintz, MBA, Joe Lyssikatos, PhD, and Anish Patel, PharmD, the company focuses on the discovery and development of next-generation precision oncology therapeutics. The Enliven team features industry-leading chemists and biologists— collaborating with top-tier advisors and backed by premier life science investors—driven to help patients with cancer to not only live longer, but live better. To learn more, please visit

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