Our Approach

At Enliven Therapeutics, our primary focus lies in targeting opportunities emerging from validated biology, utilizing differentiated chemistry and compound design, and instilling disciplined clinical trial design and regulatory strategy to address cancer’s unmet needs.

The Enliven Difference

We strive to significantly improve survival and overall well-being for cancer patients. Despite recent advancement of precision medicine in oncology, a significant unmet need remains for most cancer patients for whom no targeted therapies exist or who face issues with existing targeted therapies. For those on existing therapies, poor drug tolerability can both limit and diminish gains in survival. Additionally, efficacy-related challenges like drug resistance and disease recurrence have emerged, hindering patients’ quality of life and longevity.

We aim to address current and emerging unmet needs with precision oncology therapeutics that will enhance the lives of cancer patients. Our drug candidates are designed to address issues such as tolerability, combinability, resistance, and disease escape through brain metastases. We plan to efficiently advance therapies to patients in need by incorporating regulatory and clinical development early in R&D.

Best-In-Class & First-in-Class

Our primary focus lies in opportunities emerging from validated biology, where we believe we can improve on the standard of care. Our science addresses the challenges of existing therapies–tolerability, combinability and emerging issues like resistance and disease progression–with a novel precision oncology approach.

Unique Insights Applied to Validated Biology

Utilizing our deep understanding of the fundamental genetic alterations in oncology, we can efficiently pursue novel approaches to target clinically-validated oncogenic drivers and signaling nodes.

Not All Chemistry is Created Equal

Our focus on the chemical space we deeply understand enables us to rapidly synthesize advanced libraries of diverse drug-like compounds for our selected target opportunities in a highly efficient discovery process that is difficult for companies with broader focus to match.

Disciplined Clinical and Regulatory Strategy

Our development efforts utilize biomarker-enriched patient selection to build a high-quality dataset to test efficacy early and provide opportunities to enable future trials in earlier lines of therapy.