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At Enliven Therapeutics, we are advancing cancer treatment by improving upon scientific advancements to address cancer’s unmet needs.

The Enliven Difference

We strive to help patients with cancer to not only live longer, but live better. For many people on existing therapies, poor drug tolerability can both limit and diminish gains in survival. Additionally, efficacy-related challenges like drug resistance and disease recurrence have emerged, hindering patients’ quality of life and longevity.

We aim to address emerging unmet needs with precision oncology therapeutics that can enhance overall patient well-being. Our drug candidates are designed to push the science, and our strategy is to rapidly advance therapies to patients who need them by incorporating regulatory, clinical development, and commercial input early in R&D.

Through our collaborative approach, we are bringing validated targets into a new light with the goal of enlivening the health and hope of patients with cancer.

& First-in-Class

Our science addresses the challenges of existing therapies—tolerability, combinability, emerging issues like resistance and disease progression, and more.

Unique Insights
Applied to Validated Biology

Our pursuit of novel approaches to drugging clinically validated biologic targets allows us to efficiently develop therapies that can be brought to market quickly.

Not All Chemistry
Is Created Equal

Our focus on the chemical space we deeply understand enables us to rapidly synthesize advanced libraries of diverse drug-like compounds for the targets we pursue.

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